Why you need a JINGLE

Whether it's Subway's "Five Dollar Foot Long", McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" or State Farm's "Like A Good Neighbor", slogans and jingles stick in people's heads. Depending on the repetition and catchiness of it, a jingle or slogan can become iconic and impossible to forget. 

Let's say that you have decided to get a jingle done by DM Web Services for the radio. What style fits your business best? What song would really stay in the minds of your customers and prospective future customers? 

The video below gives a lot of insight into the most popular styles of music within the last 20 years. Take a look (start at 5:34):

According to the chart, hip-hop is THE MOST listened to style of music. Next, is techno and then R&B. Your best bet would be to get a song done in one of these three styles. Even though you may be a hard rock, ballad, or folk music fanatic, a jingle in these three styles will likely not have as big of a scope as you desire.

Here are three examples of businesses using rap for their advertising:

1. Old Spice:

2. Dorito's:

3. Arm & Hammer:

Here are two examples of businesses using techno for their advertising:

1. DJ Fresh - Lucozade 'Louder' Party June 2011 (Video Interview)

2. Lomax's "Praise" for Tango:

Here are two examples of business using R&B for their advertising:

1. McDonald's

2. Burger King:

Of course, other popular styles of music such as reggae have crossed over into rap with stars like Cardi B. Pop some times sounds like R&B when performers like Trevor Noah put their unique spin on it like his song "Falling". Songs like SAINt JHN are playing on both the techno AND rap stations in the same time by presenting two different versions of the same song. See below. 

The song on the rap station:

Same song on the techno and pop station: 

As of today, the techno version has twice as many views on YouTube as the rap version.

So, again, we ask the question - what song will suit your business best? Regardless of what style you endorse, we will make sure of the following:

1. It's catchy. You need a song that is going to be repeated by your customers to their friends and will also play in their heads subconsciously. 

2. It's vibrant. You need a song that is exciting and has lyrics that inspires your customers to SPEND.

3. It is entertaining. All customers laugh when the elderly Six Flags man use to breakdance to the song "We like to Party" by the Vengaboys. (Fun Fact: the man who performed in these commercials was not elderly at all!) 

Check out DM Web Services' jingle and music video:

Let us hear from you. What do you think about our commercial and jingle?

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