What makes a company great

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Every business owner wants to take his/her company to the highest altitude and rise above the competitors in his or her market. You are no exception. Due to cut-throat competition, it is not enough for your company to be just good - it has to be exceptional. Hence, when you are building the culture for your company, keep these things in mind and you will triumph over the other companies in your sector.

Your company exhibits a dynamic attitude to customers – No company operates perfectly; however, a great company should solve its clients' problems. Your company should advocate for its clients and operate with a serving spirit in mind. The adage "the customer is always right" may be a bit outdated and impractical; however, "the customer's needs are one of the company's essential focuses" is a very tenable objective. When DM Web Services creates your website, on the contact page, your company's phone number, email, and other pertinent contact information will be listed. Thus, clients can contact you as necessary.

You ensure customer satisfaction – Normally, a company takes for granted that its customers are happy with its products or services. However, a great company will not wait for customers’ feedback; a great company will contact each customer to check his/her satisfaction level. The company gives similar importance to both positive and negative feedback as both provide room for improvement. Thus, it becomes easy for the company to determine whether its products or services have any flaws that need to be addressed. One page that you may have on your website is "testimonials" where your clients can leave you a written or video-recorded review.

You provide growth opportunity to staff – Another sign that a company is great is if its employees are all highly capable of doing their jobs efficiently. Hence, it is essential to provide scopes for professional growth to your staff in all departments by encouraging their passions to work. Your company's management arranges occasional training for honing the professional skills of all employees. A great company makes sure to hire talented and hardworking people with ethical values to make a perfect team. When DM Web Services builds your site, one page may be "HR" where you post training videos, best practices, important dates, and much more for your employees.

Your company has a great work environment – No one wants to work in a penitentiary; okay.... maybe SOME people do (correctional offers, etc.). But if your marketing firm feels like Riker Island, you may be in trouble. When your staff comes to serve their time -oops - we meant to say when your staff comes to do their shift or duties, they need to feel that the workplace conditions are friendly, flexible, and fair. As it is important for your company to retain good employees, you should provide an excellent working environment for them. Management should treat all staff with due respect; it is important to be equally fair with everyone. Healthy competition can be encouraged among the employees without creating any feelings of jealousy or hatred for each other. A great company trusts the honesty of its employees and listens patiently to whatever they have to say about the company’s growth or their own inconveniences.

Your company's management is exceptional - Your company's managers are instrumental in leading a company to greatness. They constantly motivate their juniors to perform better through friendly communications with them. When (not if) adversity manifests, an exceptional company communicates openly with all staff and seeks their opinions. Thus, efficient managers are assets for making your company great.

Let's hear from you! Sound off in the comment section: what makes a company great?

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