Thanks Shreveport & Toni!

A town that truly loves its residents back!

A team member who keeps us on our toes!

DM Web Services is proud to announce that the city of Shreveport has decided to sponsor lead web designer Dominique Moreland for an intensive coding camp!

How This Benefits YOU

This means that DM Web Services will be able to offer new services in-house and bring even more of your dreams to life using technology, code, software, and groundbreaking applications! Because we are building up OUR SKILLS, we will save OUR CUSTOMERS money because we don't have to OUTSOURCE! Stay tuned! 

A Special Thanks to Toni Collins

As our lead south territory account manager, consultant, and talent recruiter, it comes as no surprise that she made this program recommendation to us! Thanks again, Toni, for always keeping your eyes and ears open and being such a great part of our team! 

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