Sell on your website in the pandemic: the importance of product photography and videography

While the local stores are going under, DM Web Services is having a surge in productivity and clientele because our website is accessible to customers worldwide. We want you to enjoy the same success. However, due to the pandemic, your prospective customers are hesitant to physically visit your store.

DM Web Services has the lights, the cameras, and the ability to create a world-class, top-notch product advertisement photo or video for your company. We allow clients to ship one of each of their products to us and we take care of the rest. Check out our service in detail:

It should be mentioned that we will create the raw photos and videos for you. We do charge extra for ghost mannequin photography and videography or lighting re-touching such as this:

Buyers want to see your products and check all of its visible features carefully before buying them. Since they can't use their other senses to smell, touch, or hear your products, a photo or video of the product will make or break the sale. Hence, product videography and photography is now considered an essential component to selling a product. You need to have a photo or video of your product uploaded online with its description and price on your website. However, just "taking a picture" is not good enough. You need a 360-degree view, pictures of the product being worn by a real person, and/or a video of the product in action.

Benefits of uploading product photos and videos

Turns visitors into customers – It is found from several surveys that over 90% of visitors feel more inclined to buy your products online when they see photos or videos of those items with the product descriptions. Random visitors will become loyal customers of your company when they trust your products.

More effectiveness of visual content – Buyers find the photos or videos of products to be just as impressive as your website. Hence, the practice of product photography or videography is just as important as content marketing. It is found from several market surveys that the majority of buyers decide to buy products after checking photos or videos of those items on company websites. Your company could have the same success if you follow the same principles!

Makes products more reliable – Your company's photos and videos make products seem more reliable to potential customers. One can be sure whether he/she really wants to buy an item after judging its physical features from its uploaded photo or video. Customers especially trust the company when the company displays products from all angles. Thus, product photography or videography is a good technique for developing trust among online buyers.

Better SEO ranking for visual effect – Due to the fact that you will have more traffic and more customer activities, Google and other popular search engines will confer better ranks to you. Google, the largest search engine, prefers to display the embedded photos or videos in most searches. Thus, product photography and videography contributes largely in making a website more SEO friendly. Sometimes, a product-related video from YouTube can be used for uplifting the SEO rank of commercial websites which results in drawing more traffic to your site.

The current generation of shoppers always prefer to see photos or videos of different products when they want to fulfill their shopping spree. These images and videos keep viewers engaged when browsing through your website which leads to higher business profits. Do you think you can benefit from product videography and photography?

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