Pandemic safety procedures feel like amazing customer service to consumers.

Good riddance to long lines!

So, you just left the office going 110 mph in the 35 (OMG!), hop out of your Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio (wishful thinking?), run into the bank, and realize you're behind 20 other people who had to come inside for services the bank refuse to let members facilitate on the app or in the drive-thru. Well, for the first time, banks are allowing people to schedule designated appointments; the unintended desirable consequence of this is that people are no longer wasting their time in long lines. Banks have also been allowing customers to facilitate intermediate transactions in the drive-thru. Big box stores will now bring items to the customer's car AND STICK THEM IN THE TRUNK! Fast food restaurants have workers outside directing traffic and speeding up the process. It's going to be impossible to go back to the old way of doing things when "safety procedures" feel a lot like "improved professionalism and customer service". Consumers feel catered to now.

You can't rely on passersby business anymore.

Gone are the days where everyone in the city frequents the malls scouring for the best outfits for the weekend. Most people would rather find an item online and call it a day. If your products aren't online, then you likely won't sell them. Passerby traffic has greatly diminished.

You can't avoid social media anymore.

The adage "it's not what you know but who you know" rings forever true. Social media networks have weaved a web of global unity that has never been paralleled in history. During the pandemic, almost every industry has seen a decrease in revenue; therefore, companies that may select yours for a B2B transaction and consumers who have historically purchased items more aggressively are much more selective. If your business is not online, then you will miss a lot of referral-driven traffic that your networking may be sending you.

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