Boss inspiration: how to work better throughout the day

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Working hard or hardly working? Being an entrepreneur isn't a choice - it's a calling. When you are pursuing your dreams, growing your business, and expanding your brand, it is imperative that you develop a work flow formula for yourself to avoid being overwhelmed or watching your life pass you by. Below are 3 ways to improve your productivity:

  1. Plan your day in the morning before you start work for the day.

We would recommend that you plan your week, but even if you have to plan daily in the morning for 20 minutes while you eat your breakfast, you will see how much more fluid your day will be. Remember to schedule a lunch break where you can actually eat your food and watch a little Netflix while you're doing it! After all, you are the BOSS. Give yourself the freedom to be comfortable while you have your downtime. Also, give yourself a work schedule. Maybe you only work 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 8a to 2p instead of 8a to 8p the way you normally do. Maybe you take the weekends off completely and work 16-hour days throughout the week. Whatever you decide to do, make a plan and STICK to it.

2. Put systems into place to work for you.

Do you need to post on your YouTube channel twice a week? How about recording all 8 videos for the month in the first 8 days of the month and scheduling them to release on the days that they are supposed to? That gives you 22 days in the month where you can focus on other areas. Do you usually have to scan all of your receipts at the end of the year for the accountant? How about doing it monthly so that it is not as overwhelming. Find out what works for you!

3. Schedule cheap and free events in the near future on a REGULAR basis that have nothing to do with your business.

Entrepreneurship is oftentimes a long, expensive road in the beginning. If you're like most entrepreneurs, when you pay $85 for a night out on the town, you oftentimes grind your teeth when you remember that $85 could have bought you a new company tee shirt, hat, and green screen for your business. Furthermore, you oftentimes feel guilty having fun when you could be working on building your empire. Kill both psychological birds with one stone by making time in the evenings, weekends, or whenever you are not working your business to spend doing things you love with people who are important to you. When you're old, you will likely not remember the time that you sold that extra product by staying at the office for an extra 5 hours; you will remember watching your children dance and play; you will remember the bond that you built with your partner or spouse over a game of UNO; you will remember the cuddles from your dear pet. These are the things in life that make us feel warm.

Take note that we are not saying that success is not also important or that you will not remember your career highs in your old age; to most entrepreneurs, prioritizing success is a very close second to prioritizing memories (and sometimes even first). However, taking time to work out, eat correctly, spend time with loved ones, and perform self-care is essential to your productivity.

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