How to pick a color scheme for your business and website


Your business is a reflection of you as the owner. Although you may be a credit repair counselor and "money" green may be an awesome color because of your industry, if you imagine "diarrhea" green, "mold" green, or "booger" green more than you do "money" green, "growth" green, and "wisdom" green when you see your business colors, then you shouldn't pick it. After all, your employees will be walking around the office in "throw-up" green uniforms, you will be taking professional head shots in "bacteria" green, and your business will have "swamp" green business cards. Green is awesome - but only if you think so!


Light (Insert your business color) vs. Dark (Insert your business color): In our opinion, the purple that we chose, is as "gender neutral" as possible. That's why we didn't choose lavender (even though we really like it). We found that almost zero men chose purple as their favorite color and that purple ranked as the second favorite color of most women. That fact alone nearly discouraged us from using purple at all because our company does not cater to a gender-related audience. However, some really awesome companies have decided to use purple: MetroPCS, FedEx, Avid,, The Willy Wonka Candy Company, and Yahoo. Yahoo, Avid, and MetroPCS are also technology companies like DM Web Services so we felt better about purple because of this. Ironically, MetroPCS' logo has purple AND pink as colors which are the number one and number two favorite colors of women. We would have not made this decision.'s choice of purple is a little light for our taste, but after visiting their site, we saw that they are the hiring firm for Amazon, UPS, IBM, and CVS - that's an impressive resume. Like MetroPCS, is successful regardless of the fact that they chose gender non-neutral colors. We also didn't want a purple that was so dark that it looked black because we already chose black as one of our colors.


We also liked purple because it is associated with royalty. We believe in empowering business owners. Your business is whatever you make of it; this means that you are truly the queen or king of your corporation. Creating an organization that employs others and solves problems is a true mogul's dream. We believe that our purple expresses that.

Black is the absence or complete absorption of visible light. We like this color because it personifies the journey of entrepreneurship. You can't also see up ahead, but you know that it will all be worth it. William Ernest Henley states in his first stanza of "Invictus" the following: Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. This stanza expresses the boldness, the audacity, the grit, and the tenacity that the seamen had in the tumultuous water that he was sailing upon. We believe that a business owner must possess the same boldness, audacity, grit, and tenacity in order to be successful in the tumultuous free market. For thousands of years, people have lost or gained it all by accepting the risk that entrepreneurship requires.

White is the complete reflection of all light. We chose this color because as a design company, we like to start with a nice, blank canvas and give you something unique. We want the products that we create for you to be unique and distinctively catered to your brand.

We chose silver because it has the highest electrical conductivity of all elements and because it is very reflective. We believe that the products that we create for our clients should REFLECT the morals, values, and vision of the company. Electricity is exciting and useful and symbolically it is mostly associated with the light bulb. Light bulbs represent bright and original ideas, ground-breaking concepts, and emerging innovations. We also chose silver because the owner of DM Web Services has been inspired by the prospect of there being a space force in the military; although we've never been to space, we imagine that there is lots of silver there (the spaceship, the sky, the meteors, etc.)

What are your business colors? Comment below!

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