Our History


Year after year, we reinvent ourselves by daring to be different.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an innovative approach to designing, marketing, and advertising our client's companies.

We're always up for the

2005-2010: Small Beginnings

A Designer Was Born

Dominique Moreland, our lead web designer, enjoyed tinkering with web design software after school and on the weekends. At summer camp, when the other students were ordered out of the computer lab, she was allowed to stay because her passion was obvious to those around her. While recording short films, creating cartoons, and making web pages, she was told by others that she was onto something big. 

2010-2015: Freelancing



In 2010, Moreland took a web design class at Caddo Magnet High School with Mrs. Paula Lott. The students were taught how to code, design for others, and correct code. 

Combining her formal lessons with her informal tinkering, she learned the ins and outs of creating, designing, coding, managing, and manipulating code and digital content. 

As a high schooler, Moreland responded to an ad by a blues singer and created a website in exchange for nail design and $50. Excited to work, Moreland jumped at the opportunity. 

The blues singer placed an ad in a major magazine. When the administrators at the magazine saw the blues singer's website, they sought out Moreland's services. 

Realizing that this business was growing, the name DM Web Services was created.

A while later, Moreland met a very accomplished musician who introduced her services to dozens of people.



The transition from freelancer to business owner was laborious, but gainful. As a business owner, Moreland could no longer focus solely on web design; she doubled as a TAM, customer service rep, travelling sales agent, negotiator, and project manager. The experience in these areas lead her to be able to lead a staff that specializes in these fields. 

Realizing that being a business owner is about providing opportunities to others, she began to gear up to bring others on board.



In July 2020, we released our jingle "Think BIG".


DM Web Services dot NET is emphasized. We don’t want people going to DM Web Services dot COM. They are a completely different company. 

The song was written by the owner and was inspired by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies became unsure of how to stay afloat and compete in the global online market.


Our jingle discusses how we assist companies with selling their products. The jingle also mentions how websites can help companies reach the masses. With the help of trucking companies, drop shipping companies, and postal and mailing companies, products can be purchased completely over the internet.


We have even added the necessary tools for our clients to  services virtually.


National Recognition

DM Web Services has procured a plethora of clients from all over the country. We've worked with business owners in nearly every industry.

The company has grown from a web design company to a mature advertising firm with multiple departments, an army of a sales team, and top-notch customer service. 

We're still growing and we look forward to adding more services, more staff, and more ideas in the years to come.