Our Culture


Our staff, customers, and partners mean the world to us.

Not only are we a family, but also we are a team.

Together, we have turned DM Web Services into a global conglomerate designed to continuously improve our clients' productivity. 



We like purple because it is associated with royalty. We believe in empowering business owners. Your business is whatever you make of it; this means that you are truly the queen or king of your corporation. Creating an organization that employs others and solves problems is a true mogul's dream. We believe that our purple expresses that.


Black is the absence or complete absorption of visible light. We like this color because it personifies the journey of entrepreneurship. You can't always see up ahead, but you know that in the end, it will all be worth it.


William Ernest Henley states in his first stanza of "Invictus" the following:


Out of the night that covers me, 
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

This stanza expresses the boldness, the audacity, the grit, and the tenacity that the seamen had in the tumultuous water that he was sailing upon. We believe that a business owner must possess the same boldness, audacity, grit, and tenacity in order to be successful in the tumultuous free market. For thousands of years, people have lost or gained it all by accepting the risk that entrepreneurship requires.


White is the complete reflection of all light. We chose this color because as a design company, we like to start with a nice, blank canvas and give you something unique. We want the products that we create for you to be unique for you and your brand. 


We chose silver because it has the highest electrical conductivity of all elements and because it is very reflective. We believe that the products that we create for our clients should reflect the morals, values, and vision of the company. Electricity is exciting, useful, and symbolically, mostly associated with the light bulb.


Light bulbs represent bright and original ideas, ground-breaking concepts, and emerging innovations. We also chose silver because the owner of DM Web Services has been inspired by the creation of the Space Force in the military; although we've never been to space, we imagine that there is lots of silver there (the spaceship, the sky, the meteors, etc.).



Our slogan is “Connected More Than Ever!”. We believe that companies need to be CONNECTED MORE THAN EVER to each other, their clients, their employees, and their families. The market is no longer local. Now, competitors are globally competing to sell the best products and services. That is why all of the letters in our logo are CONNECTED. 


As a web design company that offers other services to compliment our client’s online presence, we always keep the global market in mind when creating our business-related items. 

“Let our company design the face of yours.” 
“The world is connected more than ever.”
“Your job is to think. Our job is to help you think BIG.”